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# groffstudio: An IDE for groff.

You know what was missing with `groff`? A good alternative to TeXstudio. Here we go.

## Screenshot


## Features

* Written in Lazarus (Free Pascal).
  * Should be cross-platform (but Windows support is mediocre yet).
* Can produce PS and PDF files.
* Can handle some macros.

## License

`groffstudio` is free software under the terms of the CDDL-1.1. Feel free to help me with development. I'll happily grant you access to the upstream repository if you are good.

## Links

* Website: [](
* Repository: [](
  * Mirror: [GitHub](

## Donations

Writing this software and keeping it available is eating some of the time which most people would spend with their friends. Naturally, I absolutely accept financial compensation.

* PayPal: [GebtmireuerGeld](
* Liberapay: [Cthulhux](

Thank you.

## Contact

* IRC: [ #groffstudio](irc://
* Twitter: [@tux0r](
* Matrix: