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lcat - Lisp cat

How? What? Why?

lcat will just print the contents of a file (or many files). Line breaks are not added (because that would probably invalidate the "concatenate" meaning of "cat").

% lcat somefile.txt someotherfile.txt

How to install

From the source code

Install SBCL, then:

using Fossil:

% fossil clone
% cd lcat/src
% sbcl --no-userinit --no-sysinit --load build.lisp

using Git:

% git clone
% cd lcat/src
% sbcl --no-userinit --no-sysinit --load build.lisp


How to contribute code

  1. Read and agree to the Code of ~~Conduct~~ Merit.
  2. Implicitly agree to the LICENSE. Nobody reads those. I don't either.
  3. Find out if anyone has filed a GitHub Issue or even sent a Pull Request yet. Act accordingly.
  4. Send me a patch, either via e-mail (git at tuxproject dot de) or as a GitHub Pull Request. Note that GitHub only provides a mirror, so you'd double my work if you choose the latter. :-)

If you do that well (and regularly) enough, I'll probably grant you commit access to the upstream Fossil repository.


Writing this software and keeping it available is eating some of the time which most people would spend with their friends. Naturally, I absolutely accept financial compensation.

Thank you.