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Rename files with regular expressions.

This application aims to solve the problem that renaming files with regular expressions sucks dicks in hell.

The current approach to the problem:

ls * | sed -E 's/(.*)text(.*)to(.*)remove(.*)/mv & "$1$2$3$4"/' | sh

If you think this is handy, please seek help.

The remv approach to the problem:

remv "(.*)text(.*)to(.*)remove(.*)" "$1$2$3$4"

How to compile:

Get remv from the Fossil repository or on whichever mirror you read this.

Grab clang for your OS (we expect C++20 or newer), then:

clang -std=c++20 src/remv.cpp

Or, on Windows:



How to use it:

        remv [COMMANDS]
        remv [OPTIONS] <regex> <replacement> [<startpath>]

 OPTIONS (any combination):
        -r      Recurse into subdirectories.
        -E      Skip file extensions while renaming.
        -d      Also rename directories on the way.
        -s      Sets the start directory to the last parameter;
                else, remv will start in '.'.
        -f      Only replaces the first occurrence in each name.
        -v      Verbose logging.
        -vv     Very verbose logging.
        -n      Dry run - don't modify anything just yet.

        -V      Display the remv version and exit.
        -h      Display this help screen and exit.