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rssfs: A RSS reader as a file system

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Are you unsure how to read RSS feeds? Why don't you just mount them?

What does this software do?

It will mirror RSS and Atom feeds as file systems. Example file system structure for one feed with two articles:

/tmp/mnt/rssfs/Open Source Feed/Hello World.html
/tmp/mnt/rssfs/Open Source Feed/Second Article.html


This software is written and tested mainly on macOS with OSXFUSE. Other FUSE implementations should work as well. Note that Windows support is still a work in progress and does not really exist yet. (Contributions welcome!)


fossil clone rssfs.fossil
fossil open rssfs.fossil
go build

(You'll need GO111MODULES to be set to "on"!)


Copy rssfs.hcl-example as rssfs.hcl to your configuration directory and adjust your settings. The required path is:

Set a mountpoint (optional on Windows) and one or more feeds which can be inside or outside a category. (Categories are not required. Subcategories are not supported.)

If you don't define cache, the feed will be fetched every time you open any other feed.

Default values for feed settings


macOS and other non-Windows machines



Not implemented yet. Sorry.



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