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yet another youtube (and more) down loader

% yaydl ""

How? What? Why?

% yaydl --help


  • Can download videos.
  • Can optionally keep only the audio part of them.
  • Could convert the resulting file to something else (requires ffmpeg).
  • Comes as a single binary (once compiled) - take it everywhere on your thumbdrive, no Python cruft required.

Currently supported sites


There is an easy way to add more supported sites, see below for details.


The list of features is deliberately kept short:

  • No output quality choice. yaydl assumes that you have a large hard drive and your internet connection is good enough, or else you would stream, not download.
  • No complex filters. This is a downloading tool.
  • No image file support. Videos only.

Missing features (patches are welcome)

  • yaydl currently ignores video meta data (except the title) unless they are a part of the video file.
  • Playlists are not supported yet.

How to install

From the source code

Install Rust (e.g. with rustup), then:

using Fossil:

% fossil clone
% cd yaydl
% cargo build --release

using Git:

% git clone
% cd yaydl
% cargo build --release

From Cargo

% cargo install yaydl

From your package manager

pkgsrc (with pkg_add):

% pkg_add yaydl

pkgsrc (with pkgin):

% pkgin install yaydl

Other package managers:

  • Nobody has provided any other packages for yaydl yet. You can help!

How to contribute code

  1. Read and agree to the Code of ~~Conduct~~ Merit.
  2. Implicitly agree to the LICENSE. Nobody reads those. I don't either.
  3. Find out if anyone has filed a GitHub Issue or even sent a Pull Request yet. Act accordingly.
  4. Send me a patch, either via e-mail (yaydl at tuxproject dot de), on the IRC or as a GitHub Pull Request. Note that GitHub only provides a mirror, so you'd double my work if you choose the latter. :-)

If you do that well (and regularly) enough, I'll probably grant you commit access to the upstream Fossil repository.

Add support for new sites

  1. Implement definitions::SiteDefinition as handlers/<YourSite>.rs.
  2. Push the new handler to the inventory: inventory::submit! { &YourSiteHandler as &dyn SiteDefinition }
  3. Add the new module to
  4. Optionally, add new requirements to Cargo.toml.
  5. Send me a patch, preferably with an example. (I cannot know all sites.)

Minimal example that does nothing

// handlers/

use anyhow::Result;
use crate::definitions::SiteDefinition;

struct NoopExampleHandler;
impl SiteDefinition for NoopExampleHandler {
    fn can_handle_url<'a>(&'a self, url: &'a str) -> bool {
        // Return true here, if <url> can be covered by this handler.
        // Note that yaydl will skip all other handlers then.
    fn does_video_exist<'a>(&'a self, url: &'a str) -> Result<bool> {
    	// Return true here, if the video exists.
    fn find_video_title<'a>(&'a self, url: &'a str) -> Result<String> {
        // Return the video title from <url> here.
    fn find_video_direct_url<'a>(&'a self, url: &'a str, onlyaudio: bool) -> Result<String> {
        // Return the direct download URL of the video (or its audio version) here.

    fn find_video_file_extension<'a>(&'a self, url: &'a str, onlyaudio: bool) -> Result<String> {
        // Return the designated file extension of the video (or audio) file here.

    fn display_name<'a>(&'a self) -> String {
        // For cosmetics, this is the display name of this handler.
// Push the site definition to the list of known handlers:
inventory::submit! {
    &NoopExampleHandler as &dyn SiteDefinition

Fix some bugs or add new features

  1. Do so.
  2. Send me a patch.


Writing this software and keeping it available is eating some of the time which most people would spend with their friends. Naturally, I absolutely accept financial compensation.

Thank you.


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